Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why is having GOLD so important in DN?

The guild, Reconciliation is currently hosting a promotional event for GUILD MEMBERS for limited time ONLY.

The service that our guild will be providing YOU is $ (currency: Gold) 

This will allow your character to ‘level up’ by purchasing in game items;

1.      Equipment (Helm, Upper Body, Lower Body, Gloves, Shoes, Primary & Secondary weapon)
2.      Accessories (Necklace, Earrings and 2 Rings [one for each hand] )

3.      Skills plates such as Dragon Jades, Stats/Skill Heraldry and Talismans

4.      Jewels (4 types of Jewel - ordinary, rough, polished and premium) 

5.      Hero (Velskud,Geraint,Karacule,Barnac,Argenta); to name afew who will help you out during Dungeon and Nest but NOT PVP.

6.      Lastly, you can craft your item set via Any BlackSmith in town to enhance your abilities to solo in dungeon or in a party of more than 2 people.

You can even use Cherry Credits (CC) or Dragon Nest Points (DNP) to purchase cash items;

1.      Facial Expression, Hair Dye, Eye Colour, Skin Colour and Hairstyle, to make your character look stylish/classy for male and sophisticated/sexy for females.

2.      Cash equipment to give your character an extra boost in stats. However, unlike in-game equipment that you wear, you get to choose what colour clothes would you like to dress your character in. (though, the colour varies from different patch)

There is a place where you can go to sell your items; it is called Marketplace aka Trading House.
·         Details of Trading House

-         - A total of 30 items can be placed every week.

-        -  Players may set the price of the items they are selling; however, they must pay a percentage of that price as a fee to list the item. (If they do not owned a Trading House Ticket)

-          -The money for sold items can be retrieved under the "collect" tab and is subject to a sales tax which varies from the goods that you sell in the Trading House.

-          -Goods can either be bought/sold in Gold or DNP.

You can collect your Trading House Tickets at these levels;
-          Level 15 Achievement Reward Box
-          Level 23 Achievement Reward Box
-          Level 26 Achievement Reward Box
-          Level 42 Achievement Reward Box
-          Level 47 Achievement Reward Box
-          Level 55 Achievement Reward Box
-          Level 76 Achievement Reward Box


Question: How many classes are there in the game?
Answer: 8 classes available (Archer, Assassin, Academic (Tinker) Cleric, Kali, Lancea, Sorceress and Warrior)

Questions: Which server do you play in?
Answer: WestWood

Question: How will you be receiving your gold?
Answer: We'll be transferring the gold that you purchase from us via in-game trading.
                                                        (1 player by 1 player basis)

*Our trader will be any of the Vice-Guild Master or Guild Master as stated in the guild member’s page. (The Senior Guild Members will also helped out as they are appointed by the Guild Master, himself)

Question: Why must you transfer through in-game trading instead of Guild Storage since it’s for guild members only?
Answer: This is to prevent unauthorized withdrawal by other guild members (other than the Vice-Guild Master and Guild Master himself.

Question: How can you purchase gold from us?
Answer: You can do a wire transfer through ibanking to the following banks (POSB/OCBC)

Eligibility: you have to be 16 years old and at least own a bank account.

*Disclaimer; please seek your parent’s approval if you are below 21 or do not owned a bank account.
Question: Why are there only 2 banks available for transfer of cash?

Answer: We are currently in possession of these 2 banks accounts ONLY

Question: How can you ensure that the gold will be transferred to you safely?
Answer: Our traders will be ready to trade and transfers to you the gold once confirmation of payment has been made.

Question: How do I go about purchasing the gold if I am interested in your promotional offer?
Answer: Please drop us an email @ and kindly arrange/schedule an appointment with us.

Particulars to include are as follows:

1.      You would have to be a member of Reconciliation

2.      Your ign (In-game name) of your character

3.      Day, Date and Time which you would be available

4.      Our traders would also need to set a confirmed Day, Date and Time in which we would be online in Dragon Nest. (please bear with us in regards to this matter)

*Please remember to ask us the AVAILABILITY of our stock before purchasing with us.

What we would be providing you in the email;

1.      Bank Account Number (to transfer over the $)

2.      Place to meet in the game (eg. Channel 5, Saint Haven at the fountain near the South gate Hermalte Port/Riverwort Wharf )

Question: How long does it take to transfer the gold to my character?
Answer: It would depend on the amount of gold traded and in order to prevent paying the processing fee of trading a HUGE amount of gold, it would take around approximately 3-5 trades per character.

We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter.

Guidelines/Policies as set by Senior,Vice-Master & Guild-Master
1.      Please be patient as our Senior, Vice & Guild Master themselves have their life of their own life as some days we are unavailable to login to Dragon Nest.

2.      We do not OWN you anything so please TREAT us with respect and not DOGS if we are unable to adhere to your request (to transfer over the gold at the time of your request).

3.      If we do run out of stock, we would reply to your email(s) informing you that we are currently out of stock and will let you know once we get in touch with our supplier.

4.      If the money has been transferred over and we ran out of stock, we would transfer to you back your $.

5.      Our senior, Vice-Master & Guild Master will not tolerate any form of abuse [verbal/physical].
(Anyone caught doing so, would be expelled from Reconciliation immediately without further notice)

Promotional period
For Every 10k worth of gold that you purchase from us, you will get a free 1%
Eg. If you buy 10k, you will receive a FREE 100 Gold with no extra charge.
YES! You heard it, right.
FREE Gold ~ YAY~
For those of you who aren’t good at math, it’s a total of 10,100 gold =)

·         Details of our promotion is stated below
Price (s)
WestWood / GreenWood
SGD $4.775 - 10k Gold
SpringWood / HolyWood
SGD $5.175 - 10k Gold

For any other enquiries, please contact any of our Senior Guild Member, Vice-Guild Master or Guild Master for more information. (If they are online)

Feel free to drop us an email @ if you have any question dying to ask us.

We would keep on STRIVING to meet your needs and expectations but in return we seek your PATIENCE, COOPERATION & UNDERSTANDING.

As always, Have Fun in Dragon Nest.


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